Mike Hall

Software Developer


Email: mike@just3ws.com
Telephone: (847) 877-3825
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/just3ws




Senior Software Developer March 2017 - February 2018 Optimized heavyweight queries and improved accuracy of calculations using Postgres advanced query and diagnostic tools. Improved security of email and integrations by using JSON Web Tokens and Web API for communications. Introduced team communication practices such as daily stand and acceptance criteria on feature and support request cards.
  • Built API for safe bi-directional communication between host and client apps embedded within IFRAMES using Web API.
  • Identified and optimized bottle-neck queries causing poor user experience decreasing response time, reducing load, and increasing the correctness of calculations.
  • Implemented API for verifying responses from users were not tampered with and only processed once using JSON Web Token protocol.
  • Presented learning sessions on how to use Postgres analysis tools and a session introducing Clojure.
Software Developer, remote March 2015 - November 2016 Collaborated with a distributed team to build and support Ruby apps and Rails-based APIs. Introduced improvements to the development workflow, improved the development toolchain and fixed performance and security issues. Implemented critical conversion of payment gateway while reducing complexity. Improved visibility and communication between product and customer support groups, introduced project management tools and agile concepts to the management teams.
  • Implemented Ruby on Rails API that wrapped the legacy lead generation product providing new functionality to support a React-based thin client.
  • Implemented several React components that consumed the API service.
  • Implemented API Gateway service using Ruby on Rails providing external partners access to ReachLocal internal services.
  • Introduced improvements to the Vagrant development toolchain as well code analysis and linting tools like RuboCop, Bundler Audit, Code Climate, etc.
  • Migrated payment gateway and credit card processing from Stripe that required complex internal management of subscriptions to Chargify. Identified required functionality could be handled via third-party reducing complexity and overhead.
  • Coordinated with the customer support and product management teams to improve awareness and communication of needs and priorities between customer issues and new feature initiatives.
CTO, remote March 2014 - September 2016 Built social media analytics system to aggregate and generate insights for professionals looking for concrete advice on how to improve their social media presence. Led development of the marketing and customer user interface.
  • Designed and built Twitter query and aggregator tools using Java and Ruby.
  • Built advanced pipeline using Sidekiq Enterprise to generate insights into customer social patterns.
  • Developed administrative and reporting interfaces used by client representatives to create bespoke reports and social media advice.
  • Built out backend databases using PostgreSQL and leveraged JSONB data type to enable efficient storage, queries, and simplify creating ActiveRecord queries against raw JSON data.
  • Built out infrastructure using Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Amazon RDS. Implemented fail2ban and iptable rules to lock down servers.
  • Coordinated with a consulting firm to design and build out the marketing and customer user interface. Led design and development of the product while building out the underlying supporting data and models for the client interface.
  • Configured Heroku Pipeline to simplify testing and verification before deployment of the customer interface into production.
Core Team Lead, remote January 2014 - December 2014Re-launched Coderwall as an open-source project and led the community development efforts.
  • Scrubbed codebase in preparation for releasing Coderwall as an open-source website.
  • Extracted proprietary algorithms and updated Coderwall to use the new service. Updated development environment to use a fake version of the service during development and testing.
  • Created extensive documentation and support materials including video tutorials to enable outside contributors to participate in the project without unnecessary limitations.
  • Collaborated with and mentored contributors coming from all different development skills and experiences.
  • Replaced the MongoDB backend and consolidated onto Postgres to greatly simplify queries, reduce costs, and simplify development.
  • Improved ElasticSearch queries and upgraded to latest version of service.
  • Handled customer support issues for Coderwall.
  • Converted asynchronous jobs to use Sidekiq instead of Resque to save on Heroku dyno costs.
Software Developer, Chicago, IL October 2013 - February 2014Collaborated with a distributed team on an SOA architecture web application that helps small to medium business improve their search engine and local presence.
  • Integrated Chargify payment system as backend for payments and as lightweight CMS for plan details using Ruby on Rails.
  • Implemented networked Vagrant environments to replicate the multi-system production environment thus greatly simplifying the development process.
Senior Engineer, Chicago, IL April 2013 - October 2013Led development team working and principal development of support and new business initiatives.
  • Simplified the development environment and reduced unsafe practices in shared development environment. Built testing and development environments to enable continuous integration.
  • Implemented tracking and marketing tool to enable a new revenue stream for the company.
  • Mentored and lead junior development team and helped train members on Ruby on Rails and testing practices.
  • Streamlined and stabilized the AWS deployment process and built out new server images for easier scaling during high demand periods.
Engineering Learning & Development Business Partner, Chicago, IL July 2011 - April 2013Worked with projects from fraud analysis in Clojure to building internal tools with Rails to creating a centralized taxonomy management service in Java. Transitioned to leading efforts to rebuild and improve the onboarding and engineering retention process.
  • Implemented Taxonomy service using ActiveWeb and ActiveJDBC Java frameworks and MySQL. Built out the servers to host services.
  • Designed queries for identifying account fraud patterns using Vertica queries. Spiked on Hadoop and Clojure fraud detection tools.
  • Developed sales support tools to assist call center representatives when dealing with customers using Ruby on Rails and MySQL.
  • Built merchant analysis tools in Ruby and CouchDB to generate reports used by sales team for identifying markets and deals that are potentially valuable.
  • Coordinated and implemented new onboarding process and facilitated in-house training across multiple sites. Worked with TalentDev teams across the organization to identify managerial training needs and design training course.
Software Engineer - Greater Chicago Area August, 2009 - July 2011 Consultant dispatched to clients to work independently and in team environments. Worked on projects building B2B services for Sears, internal report generation systems for marketing agencies, and with Groupon before the acquisition.
  • Leapfrog Online: developed reporting services to generate bespoke reports against their data warehouse.
  • Sears Commercial: building a new commercial sales and catalog service for B2B customers.
  • Groupon: worked on deals services, primary site support, and fraud analysis teams.
Prior experience upon request
Microsoft Platform developer - Greater Chicago Area December, 1999 - August, 2009 Experience spanning a decade building web applications on the Microsoft Platform.


WHOIS Tech Community / UGtastic
Creator October 2011 - January 2017 Interviewed over 100 tech community leaders from user-group and small conference organizers to leaders of massive F/OSS projects such as Rich Hickey (Clojure) and DHH (Ruby on Rails). Conducted interviews and produced videos and coordinated with community contributors.
  • Founded a Cloud Developer user-group
  • Founded Software Craftsmanship McHenry County user-group
  • Co-organized Chicago Code Camp for 2010-2012
  • Presented on Aspect-oriented Programming at Chicago Code Camp and Iowa Code Camp on AOP
  • Presented on how to get started in leading a user-group at Table XI Table Talk session
  • Presented at several Geekfests on various topics
  • Mentored two people into careers in software development
  • Collaborated with GOTO Conference organizers to host events with Chicago community leaders.

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